USH 12 Middleton Bypass | Middleton, WI

Roundabouts and Intersections

Safe intersections are important to your community, which means making your traffic flow safely and efficiently is top of mind for MSA. Ourston, a brand of MSA, is a team of 10 engineers solely dedicated to planning and designing intersections and roundabouts. This team has completed projects in 40 states across the nation and vastly improved transportation in small and large communities alike.

Expertise includes:
  • In-depth analysis, planning and review to evaluate roundabout feasibility.
  • Design oversight assures appropriate site selection and design quality, with the highest degree of skill.
  • Micro-simulation delivers powerful system-level traffic analysis.
  • Public education and outreach offers effective, customized facilitation and presentations to inform and engage your community.
To learn more about Roundabouts and how they can benefit your community, click here.

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