Roundabouts and Intersections


Safe intersections are important to your community, which means making your traffic flow safely and efficiently is top of mind for MSA. Ourston, a brand of MSA, is a team of 10 engineers solely dedicated to planning and designing intersections and roundabouts. This team has completed projects in 40 states across the nation and vastly improved transportation in small and large communities alike.

Our Pedigree for Roundabouts

  • A corporation dedicated to roundabouts since 1994
  • Design firsts: interchanges, corridors, high capacity intersections
  • Experience throughout North America
  • Largest, most experienced team of roundabout engineers world-wide
MSA | Ourston’s roundabout team is the leading consultant providing research, policy, planning, education and design of modern roundabouts. With a staff of 14 in the United States, we operate throughout North America and continue to be the nation’s top-of-mind roundabout planning and design team.

All members of MSA | Ourston’s roundabout team focus on roundabouts. We are dedicated to building a legacy of outstanding roundabout engineers while providing value and professionalism to our clients. Each of our senior engineers has a background in traffic planning and detailed design engineering with experience on numerous roundabout projects.

A consistent specialized skill in roundabouts has been our focus. Our foundation of science and deep experience affords the highest quality roundabout intersections. Our experience includes work on hundreds of roundabout projects across the nation, as well as on-call review services for the MaineDOT, CDOT, ArizonaDOT, WisDOT, IowaDOT, City of Fort Worth and City of Frisco, TxDOT GDOT, and MnDOT.

Our unmatched skill and experience allow us to offer a comprehensive list of services essential to the effective development of innovative intersection services, specifically modern roundabouts.
  • Planning and Reviews
  • Direct Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Implementation and Outreach
  • Research and Publications
  • Training and Workshops

To learn more about Roundabouts and how they can benefit your community, click here.

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