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Sanitary Sewer Forcemain Relocation

Client: City of Elkader
Location: Elkader, IA

MSA worked with the City to replace the forcemain, which ran under the Turkey River.

MSA worked with the City to replace the forcemain, which ran under the Turkey River.

The City of Elkader, Iowa contracted with MSA to provide design services for the relocation an existing sanitary sewer forcemain.  The forcemain is located under the Turkey River and had become exposed within the riverbed due to erosion of the river banks. 

The project involved replacing the forcemain starting south from the existing pump station, continuing under the river, and connecting to the existing forcemain prior to the wastewater treatment plant. The City requested the sewer’s alignment to be modified from the original due to the repeated issues with exposure on this line. The existing sewer was located within an easement, but since the construction of the line, the county had converted the area to an NRCS conservation easement.

MSA's team had to provide existing easement research and coordinate with the NRCS extensively to complete the project on schedule. The City’s construction schedule was driven by the need for the forcemain to be designed and constructed to avoid potential spring flooding on the Turkey River, not by funding, since the City was not seeking outside funding sources for the project. The project was completed within the project specifications timeline.

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