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Riverfront Revitalization Plan

Client: City of Elkader
Location: Elkader, IA

Elkader's new Whitewater Park is one of two features of its kind in Iowa.

Elkader's new Whitewater Park is one of two features of its kind in Iowa.

After devastating flooding in 2008, citizens of Elkader were inspired to reinvent their city. This Turkey River community was going to be eligible for disaster recovery funds, but leaders knew that a Flood Recovery Master Plan was needed to coordinate and prioritize recovery projects.

The City partnered with MSA to develop a plan that balanced innovation and vision with budgetary and practical concerns. City leaders used the flood recovery master plan, adopted August 22, 2011, to pursue and obtain external funding assistance for eligible projects.

Public and private entities participated in the planning effort and have transformed downtown Elkader into a growing recreational center. The community now has a whitewater feature that is gaining national recognition and an 11-acre Founders’ Park with a soccer field, playground, trails, a performance shelter and gardens. The park, located in the 100-year floodplain, is now a popular recreation center appealing to diverse interests.

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