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Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens

Client: Rockford Park District
Location: Rockford, IL

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens features a host of exciting amenities.

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens features a host of exciting amenities.

MSA's designed the geothermal system that heats and cools parts of Rockford's Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens. The Conservatory has an open loop geothermal system, which utilizes the constant temperature of deep groundwater to regulate temperatures indoors. The Rockford Park District expects that the new facility's sustainable features will save 64% in energy costs, compared to traditional heating and cooling methods.

Additional sustainable elements include the following:
  • Water-to-water heat pumps provide efficient heating for the greenhouses.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation at the Visitor's Center captures approximately 75% of waste energy in the exhaust air stream and transfers it to the incoming fresh air, providing significant energy savings.
  • 2,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into on-site power.
  • A 6,000-gallon tank retains geowater for use in irrigation systems and water features.
  • High efficiency LED lighting systems and specialized daylight controls minimize required lighting energy
This project was completed by MSA Professional Services - Champaign, LLC.

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