Petenwell Park Improvements | Adams County, WI

Geothermal Cooling System

Client: Dana Molded Products
Location: Carpentersville, IL

Geothermal wells provide process and space cooling for this facility.

Geothermal wells provide process and space cooling for this facility.

When David Hidding, owner of Dana Molded Products, was planning his latest injection molding plant, he knew he wanted to “break the mold” of conventional energy systems. After determining that his new plant location in Carpentersville, Illinois was located over a geological aquifer, he contacted well specialists and Mark Gilbert, P.E., at MSA Professional Services in Champaign, Illinois to find a way to utilize this natural energy source. Working together, the team developed a scheme to use geothermal energy for both process cooling and space cooling needs. The constant 50-degree temperature of the water below grade allows geothermal wells to provide heat transfer without the need for mechanical cooling. The unlimited supply also allows the dual use of the well water for both process cooling and temperature control of the manufacturing spaces. Geothermal process cooling – it’s good for the environment, good for operations, and good for the bottom line.

MSA presented Dana Molded Products with a Sustainable Action Project award in 2011.

This project was completed by MSA Professional Services - Champaign, LLC.

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