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Career Fairs Help Students Meet their Match

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Career Fairs Help Students Meet their Match

 A career fair is a great place to make connections, learn about potential employers and just plain see what’s out there. This fall, MSA will be attending several career fairs in our area to talk with potential employees, co-ops and interns.
Why Attend? Here are 4 great reasons why attending a Career Fair is important.
1.  Networking. Not only can you see what various firms offer, you can actually interact with alumni that have had the same experiences you have. 
Tip: Make a great first impression. Shake hands, learn names and take notes. By having a name and sharing your resume and experience, you’ll feel good knowing your qualifications didn’t fall into a black hole.

Also, take the time to interact with other job seekers—they may have learned something you haven’t in the short time you’re at the event.

2.  Research. Learn about firms—what they do, their culture and positions they seek. 

Tip: Ask about positions that may not be advertised at this time. Something great may come open in the future.

3.  Determine What Employers Want. Career fairs are a great way for prospective hires to find out the qualifications employers seek for particular jobs. 

Employers want to meet you! Even if online job applications are the only ones they take, they still want to learn about you, so take the time to learn about them.

4.  Practice. Practice really does make perfect. Take some time to have conversations with various firms and their employees. Learning this skill will make you more comfortable in future interviews.

Tip: Be confident, ask questions and sell yourself.

Stop at one of these fairs to learn more about MSA and our culture!

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