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Meet MSA's Engineers – Adam Mueller

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Meet MSA's Engineers – Adam Mueller

MSA Professional Services has 16 offices across the United States that display an energetic work environment with a goal-oriented culture, where everyone strives to grow both individually and in a team setting.
Here at MSA, we know it is the people that make us one of  Best Firms to Work For. In this series, we look inside the walls of MSA to see how our professionals are working towards MSA’s purpose of enabling people to positively impact the lives of others.
Adam Mueller is a civil and construction engineer with four years of experience at MSA. His main areas of expertise include client management and potable water systems. 
Learn more about Adam through our brief Q&A:

Where did you graduate college?
I graduated from Iowa State University, where I double-majored in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering.  I am currently attending the University of Dubuque at night to obtain my MBA. 

In consulting I have found one is not simply a design engineer, but an engineer that wears many hats; my goal was to obtain some business education to better serve MSA and our clients. My MBA courses have allowed me to look at engineering as a business rather than a list of projects, and I look forward to graduating next spring. 
What is your background? How does your background benefit your job at MSA?
I grew up in a small town in eastern Iowa, where my father spent time working for the local municipal utility and later for the Army Corps of Engineers. After being around his work, I was fascinated by the water and wastewater treatment facilities and later by the massive lock and dam systems on the Mississippi. 

Although I gained my technical skillset in college, growing up in a small community gave me a unique skill: fostering relationships with communities. This background allows me to be the trusted consultant instead of the project engineer, and that is what MSA is all about.
How did you first hear about MSA?
I heard about MSA after researching engineering firms in Iowa.
Why did you choose to work at MSA?
I initially chose to work at MSA for a co-op position because of MSA’s project portfolio. Once I started working, I felt comfortable due to the number of Iowa State grads working in the Ankeny office. 
I must say I am a huge fan of the internship/co-op program as it gives the employer and employee the option for a test drive. My time in the Ankeny office allowed me to get experience with a few design projects as well as interact with clients and contractors. This work experience worked well for both MSA and me, and I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position in our Dubuque office upon graduation. 
What are your responsibilities/expertise here at MSA?
I have been responsible for various activities such as construction inspection, materials testing, preliminary design and design QA/QC, client liaison and marketing duties. The common thread among all of my responsibilities is that being a team player is absolutely essential. 
In my four years at MSA, I have had the opportunity to gain a wide breadth of knowledge in many activities associated with consulting engineering. However, I have not had the opportunity to become an expert in one specific field. I definitely view this as a positive to working at MSA because it has allowed me to evaluate my strengths and understand my personal likes and dislikes.
How has MSA supported you thus far during your time with the company?
MSA has supported me in numerous ways. From a career development standpoint, I have worked with team leaders who provided me with both a steep learning curve and a safety net. This has allowed me to grow and advance my responsibilities while knowing everything would work out in the end.
MSA has also fully supported me while I continue my education in graduate school. One of MSA’s core values is commitment to learning. From a policy standpoint, MSA has committed to a tuition reimbursement program, which I use. The company has also supported me through the kind words and advice I receive from our employees, and that rejuvenates and motivates me.
What do you like to do outside of work? Are you involved in any clubs outside of work?
Homebrewing is one of my favorite hobbies, as it couples my technical background with a party favorite. I also enjoy traveling with friends and family and making time for volunteering and staying involved with the church whenever possible.
Check out MSA’s student center for more information on our co-op program, scholarships and joining our team of professionals or contact MSA’s Craig Fields.

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