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Innovative Design Boasts Sustainability

Merle Ingersoll, Jr., PE | with 0 Comments

Innovative Design Boasts Sustainability

This sustainable design used full depth reclamation for the repaving at Kaufman Lake in Champaign, Ill.  From a sustainability standpoint, by utilizing full depth reclamation, the roadway improvements reused the old paving material and no paving material from the project ended up in a landfill.  Existing paving, sub-base and sub-grade were used in rebuilding the roadway.

The sustainable engineering design used 93% fewer trucks, 83% less fuel and 93% less roadway material.  Construction management allowed this six-week paving project to be completed in just 10 days.  Sustainable engineering and construction management saved approximately $90,000 in repaving costs.

The photos below depict various stages of construction from surveying to final paving and illustrate the process used in this innovative solution. 

Contact MSA's Merle Ingersoll, Jr. for more information on this project or sustainable engineering design solutions for your next project.

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