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Energizing Tomorrow's Economy

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Energizing Tomorrow's Economy

Energizing Tomorrow’s Economy was the theme for the Blackhawk Hills Regional Council’s Development Summit held recently in Lanark, Ill.  During the conference, I had the opportunity to learn about transportation trends and economic progress happening in the northwest Illinois area. The Summit provided insight on natural gas vehicles, funding for our highways, and economic development.

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV):
NGVs are becoming a popular fleet option for many Illinois companies.  The benefits to the environment, fuel cost savings and abundant supply are attractive features for moving a fleet of vehicles to natural gas.  Not only are private fleets of NGVs popping up in Illinois, public transit systems like MetroLINK in Moline/Quad Cities are embracing natural gas powered vehicles. Efficient, cost-effective transportation was just one example of economic progression discussed at the Summit.

Transportation Infrastructure:
Funding the upkeep of our nation’s streets and highway systems continues to be a topic of conversation in conference rooms and elsewhere.  The long-term positive effects of good curbs, gutters and sidewalks go beyond aesthetics.  Well-maintained streets keep our communities vibrant both socially and economically.  Economic success is dependent on funding a strong transportation infrastructure.

Strong economic development for communities begins with a viable economic development plan and continues with focus and perseverance in putting the plan into action.  Developing a set of goals, utilizing available infrastructure, and commitment to focusing on long-term improvements are the keys to economic prosperity. 

Economic progress can be accomplished through many avenues – each community has their own destiny.  Success depends not only on the plan but upon the strength of local stakeholders and the commitment to their vision of designing economically, environmentally and socially sustainable communities.  
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