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Capital Improvement Plans Help Score Points

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Capital Improvement Plans Help Score Points

Going through the annual budget process and reviewing or updating your community's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) can produce not only a clear direction of the next round of projects to be undertaken, it can help you score precious points on grant and loan applications at both the state and federal levels.

Identifying deficiencies within your community's water, sewer, stormwater and road infrastructure network, helps demonstrate your community's understanding of critical needs and commitment to funding specific solutions.  

The CIP process offers several additional benefits to a community, including the following:
  1. It helps communities effectively allocate limited resources across a virtually unlimited number of public service needs.
  2. It improves communication and cooperation between community stakeholders who may have varying vested interests.
  3. It provides continuity in financial decision-making by linking long-term planning to the programming and budgeting of major projects.
  4. It stabilizes local tax rates by effectively relating expenditures to financial capacity in a given timeframe.
  5. It improves local ability to use state and federal grant-in-aid programs.
CIPs can range in scope and detail from a general overview of community needs to a more detailed analysis of specific project, including proposed timelines and financing mechanisms.

Applications for USDA Rural Development, the State Revolving Loan Funds (Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water) and the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) all benefit from a refined CIP demonstrating an individual funded project as a priority.

A solid, well-thought-out CIP might just help catalyze grant funding for your next community project.
Wondering how to create a CIP for your community? MSA can assist. Contact our funding experts  to find out how we can help your community! 

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