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Agriculture Conservation Focuses on Phosphorus, Part Two

Andrew Skwor, PE, CPESC | with 0 Comments

Agriculture Conservation Focuses on Phosphorus, Part Two

In our last blog post, we discussed phosphorus produced by agriculture and cited the Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) regulation and the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection’s (DATCP) rule that controls phosphorus in Wisconsin.

The DNR’s Chapter NR 151 Runoff Management requirements and performance standards apply to all farms across the state, no matter the size.  Regulations include:
  • Erosion performance standards
  • Tillage setbacks
  • Phosphorus index standards
  • Manure storage and process wastewater performance standards
  • Clean water diversions
  • Nutrient management performance standards (mainly crop land and pastures) 
The Livestock Facility Siting rule applies only in areas where the rule has been adopted by the county or other local unit of government and can be administered through an ordinance or permit.  It applies to facilities with 500 or more animal units.  Regulations include:
  • Livestock structures
  • Odor and air emissions
  • Nutrient management
  • Waste storage
  • Runoff  
Managing phosphorus in agriculture could seem like an overwhelming feat to accomplish and might be an area where a consultant is needed.  A consultant can:
  • Evaluate your facility to identify areas where improvements can be made to comply with the required regulations and provide a base line Phosphorus Inflow (PI) for areas of runoff from the production area.
  • Design appropriate measures to meet the required regulations and performance standards such as manure storage, runoff controls and buffers.
  • Assist with permit applications for facilities that are required under the Livestock Facility Siting rule.

Understanding the rules and regulations for Phosphorus can be challenging - we're here to help! Contact Andrew Skwor if you would like more information on phosphorus reduction or other manure management assistance.

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