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Planning a Safe School Zone

Jason Valerius, AICP | with 0 Comments

Planning a Safe School Zone

Planning Safe Routes to School (SRTS) involves assessing both infrastructure and non-infrastructure needs to ensure that bicycling and walking are safe and preferred modes of transportation for students. At the core of the SRTS program are “Five E’s” – Evaluation, Engineering, Education, Encouragement and Enforcement. You can read more about these in our previous post The Five E’s of a Safe School Zone.
While federal funding through the SRTS program is limited, there are numerous low cost options that can improve safety for students, teachers, and parents using a variety of modes to get to school each day by supporting the Five E’s. Check out this slide deck for ideas on how to plan your community’s safe school zone.
If you’ve witnessed unsafe conditions at your local or community school, consider the above steps to help create a safe and healthy school environment.  MSA’s planners and traffic engineers have helped many school districts find solutions to school safety concerns – no matter what the budget. Contact Jason Valerius, AICP or Kevin Ruhland, PE for more information. 

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