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Recreating Recreation

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Recreating Recreation

League of Wisconsin Municipalities’ 116th Annual Conference is being held this week in Middleton, Wisconsin.  A nonprofit and nonpartisan association, the League is comprised of 190 cities and 396 villages in Wisconsin.  At this year’s conference, MSA will present a session entitled ‘Recreating Recreation, Revitalize Your Community through Multi-use Parks.’

Parks make a community a great place to live, work and play. MSA’s Raine Gardner, PE and John Langhans, PE, along with City of Mauston Administrator Nathan Thiel, will guide participants through a discussion about revitalizing a community through recreation. 
They will share:
  • The importance of planning.
  • Leveraging various funding sources to cover the components of your park project.
  • Knowledge gained through the process.
  • Case studies from the City of Mauston and Village of Lake Delton.
The quality and availability of parks and recreational facilities can heavily shape the perception of quality-of-life within a community. As new sports emerge and the population of Americans continues to diversify, the demand for both traditional and non-traditional recreational facilities surges.

Are you looking for a way to engage your community members?  Creating spaces where people can gather in an aesthetically pleasing space may be your answer.  Join MSA and City of Mauston at the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Annual Conference to learn more about recreating recreation in your community.

Not attending the conference?  MSA has helped numerous clients meet the growing demand for a wider variety of park and recreational resources.  Contact Raine Gardner or John Langhans for more information on multi-use parks and recreational facilities.

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