Join Us at the Wisconsin Wastewater Operators' Association Conference

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Join Us at the Wisconsin Wastewater Operators' Association Conference

The 48th Annual Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association Conference is being held this week in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Over 2,000 wastewater treatment professionals are members of the Association who concentrate on maintaining and improving the quality of water resources throughout the State of Wisconsin.  The Conference will include pre-conference workshops, informative technical sessions, and fun events.  MSA will host three technical sessions throughout the week. 

“What’s living in your activated sludge?”

MSA’s Tom Fitzwilliams will guide participants through a discussion of an exciting new study that identifies bacteria in wastewater treatment plant sludge by using DNA testing.  DNA technology can be an economical and effective method to assess and quantify entire microbial communities. 

“City of Lodi Adaptive Management”

Pat Morrow, P.E., MSA, will provide an update on the City of Lodi’s phosphorus compliance planning process using adaptive management.  The update will summarize adaptive management planning efforts and provide updated costs for this compliance option. 

“Is this thing going to stink?”

MSA’s Pat Morrow, P.E. will present the findings of an odor control pilot program conducted in Holmen, Wisconsin.  The presentation will cover the background information leading up to the pilot test, results to date and additional efforts moving forward.

There will be many more technical sessions available at the Conference.  Check out the complete Conference Information Booklet here.

MSA is at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology.  Would you like more information on DNA technology, adaptive management, or odor control?  Contact MSA’s Tom Fitzwilliams or Pat Morrow for your wastewater treatment solutions.

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