Join Us at the Illinois Rural Water Association Conference

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Join Us at the Illinois Rural Water Association Conference

The Illinois Rural Water Association (IRWA) is holding its 10th Annual Northern Conference this week in Utica, Illinois.  A nonprofit organization, the Illinois Rural Water Association is comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the water and wastewater industries.  During this year’s conference, MSA will present a session entitled ‘Improvement Planning and the Operator’.

The operator’s role in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process is critical in determining the success of municipal infrastructure projects.  MSA’s Greg Crowe, AICP and Pat Ready will guide participants through a discussion on how to navigate through the CIP process. They will share how to:
  • Build your CIP case
  • Prepare a list of projects to submit to local decision makers for review
  • Participate in the CIP process
  • Manage assets using geographic information systems (GIS) technology
Effective planning provides a strong, realistic vision for the future, and CIPs serve as tools to use in developing that roadmap.  CIPs help municipalities progress from a reactive management style to a more proactive one. 

Consistency is an integral part of the effective planning.  A solid, well-thought-out CIP is a valuable tool to have during times of personnel change. Aside from aiding community officials in familiarizing themselves with community goals, CIPs also provide a consistent message for residents of the community. 

Join MSA at IRWA to learn more about Capital Improvement Plans and how MSA has helped numerous clients meet their capital improvement goals through planning.  Not attending the conference?  Contact Greg Crowe or Pat Ready  for more information on CIPs.

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