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How Infrastructure Affects the Job Market

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How Infrastructure Affects the Job Market

The United States is in a decade-long decline of infrastructure spending, according to a report by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). But what some people don’t realize is there is a direct relationship between infrastructure and the creation of jobs.

NAM has suggested that an increase in spending on roads, bridges, mass transit and other infrastructure by $100 billion annually for 15 years would create 1.3 million jobs. The report points out that unfortunately, investment in highways, roads and bridges has fallen 3.5 percent each year from 2003-2012. A survey in 2013 found 65 percent of Americans do not believe our current infrastructure can support a growing economy.

When people hear the term infrastructure, they usually think of roads. Transportation is a large part of the economy, and keeping roads in excellent shape leads to a healthy infrastructure. We’ve seen this first hand at MSA, as we’ve managed construction for multiple road projects in the upper Midwest like Minnesota’s
St. Paul’s Park Road and CTH O near Elroy, Wisconsin. These projects provided work for numerous construction and construction management professionals in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

MSA also played a part in master planning development for cities to help them utilize space that was currently underutilized. For example, Rothschild, Wis., had an area of land in need of redevelopment. To encourage future infrastructure, we created a plan to put the area to use. The resulting construction will create numerous jobs once the plan is complete.

While jobs are created by new infrastructure directly, many jobs also are created after the construction is complete. Road maintenance and park maintenance are only a few of the jobs created indirectly by the construction of infrastructure.

Learn more about construction management and planning development or contact MSA’s Mike Statz.

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