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Engineering a Designer Dairy

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Engineering a Designer Dairy

Designer Dairy was the 2014 theme of World Dairy Expo and crafting a designer dairy takes a team of experts.  MSA had the good fortune at World Dairy Expo to create a hub of agricultural experts and resources sharing a common goal:  offering knowledge, services, and products required by any agricultural entity looking to start, grow, or relocate.

World Dairy Expo 2014
Our group of experts included Baker Tilly, GDS Associates, Inc., the Madison Region Economic Partnership, Save Cows, SWAG, Water Resources Management, and us, MSA Professional Services, Inc.  The group's services span financial support, energy management, relocation/expansion services, hoof health care tools and training, agricultural education, water quality management and site planning.  Read more about each partner can offer to the right. 
Why do I need an engineer?

A number of producers who stopped by our booth at Expo questioned why they need to have an engineer on their team of experts.  Conventional wisdom is that expansion can occur naturally, adding buildings and storage as needed.  Most producers have a vision of how they want to change or expand their facility.  An engineer can bring that vision from abstract to technical so the producer’s goals are achieved at the end of the project.
Along with development and planning, we found producers asking a lot of questions about permitting.  They do go hand-in-hand for sure.  Most counties in Wisconsin regulate animal waste and waste storage.  Having the proper permits – CAFO vs non-CAFO – is a critical piece of achieving the producer’s goals and putting a plan into action.

Agricultural Engineering

Throughout Expo, we had the opportunity to visit with many young people who aspire to have a future in agriculture.  It is great to see future leaders from across the globe interested in agriculture. Agricultural engineering is an attractive field to consider for anyone passionate about agriculture.

It is hard to believe how quickly the week of World Dairy Expo passes.  With 77,204 people in attendance from 94 countries, we are grateful for the many conversations we had with producers from all over the world.  Our engineers understand the mighty job that producers do, and helping those producer’s succeed is what we do here at MSA.

Andrew Skwor took his passion for agriculture and turned it into his 
career. His focus is to help producers achieve their goals.  For more information on MSA’s agricultural engineering services or a career in ag engineering, contact Andrew Skwor.

Illustration courtesy of Larry Schultz.

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