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Meet MSA's Engineers - RaineGardner PE

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Meet MSA's Engineers - RaineGardner PE

MSA Professional Services is a multidisciplinary consulting firm focused on improving communities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. Our staff is comprised of engineers, architects, planners, funding experts, surveyors, GIS specialists and environmental scientists. We continue our series that features an inside look at MSA's engineers.
Raine Gardner, PE is a Project Engineer at MSA. A native of Wausau, Wis., Raine has nearly 10 years of experience, and her specialties include park and recreation planning and design, constructing infrastructure systems, project and construction management, project permitting, grant administration, and right-of-way and easement acquisition.
Learn more about Raine through our brief Q&A:
How long have you been at MSA Professional Services?  
I have been at MSA almost 10 years
What is your background? 
My background is in civil engineering with a focus on transportation, transportation air quality and urban transportation planning.
How did you become interested in MSA?
I heard about MSA at a career fair when I was getting my undergraduate degree at Michigan Tech. I liked the employee ownership factor and the structuring of the company. 
How did your education at Michigan Tech prepare you for a career in engineering? 
Michigan Tech’s civil engineering program prepared me to be able to put together very practical solutions to difficult problems. I have been able to take projects from start to finish by staying organized and using my core class knowledge to solve most of my project problems.
What are your responsibilities and main areas of expertise?
My main areas of expertise include municipal engineering, including park and recreation planning, design and grant administration. I also work on street designs, stormwater and sanitary sewer designs. Additional responsibilities include project and construction management, project permitting and right-of-way and easement acquisition. 
What sets MSA apart from others in the civil engineering industry? Why should someone work here?
There are several factors that set MSA apart from other civil engineering firms, including flexible work atmosphere, employee ownership and work/life balance.
How did MSA guide you to grow into your specialty? 
MSA has guided me to grow within the municipal and park/recreation areas by allowing me to work on new projects, market different clients in areas we aren’t well known for doing, work with clients to develop and solve their issues to maximize their dollars spent. MSA has also provided me a leadership role as the Chair of the Parks and Recreation Community of Practice which allows me to share my expertise in the parks and recreation discipline.
How has the industry changed since starting at MSA?
With the economy changes, we have had to adapt to changes in the market and within the government, which has changed how we approach, perform and build projects. Technology has also changed our industry to make our jobs even easier and it keeps us connected to our projects and clients more closely. 
How did MSA support your goal of raising a family? 
MSA has supported me and my husband to raise our family by allowing my work schedule to be flexible. Working remotely with updated technology helps me to continue doing my work from anywhere. I can take time off during the normal work day to take care of a sick child or tag along on a field trip. MSA has given its employees the best tools to balance work and our personal lives to be the best at both. MSA provides paid maternity and paternity leave for their employees.
[Editor’s note: for more information, please see Raine’s op-ed.]

What has been your biggest success since being with MSA?
My biggest success since being at MSA has been the development of the Park and Recreation Community of Practice. It has been great to work with several people and different offices within our company to develop this area and continue to develop it in other states.

Above all else, MSA is a team - a team of professionals who ar truly dedicated to improving the Midwest. Check out our Careers page to search current opportunities or contact Craig Fields for more information. 

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