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Infrastructure improvements using ArcGIS Online

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Infrastructure improvements using ArcGIS Online

Cloud-based solutions are common place in the business world today -- the municipal world is no exception. Many communities are turning to cloud-based GIS interfaces as modern, cost-effective mapping solutions. Users can now easily manage GIS systems using a PC or mobile device from virtually anywhere, and at a much smaller cost than traditional paper recordkeeping. Check out these three communities who are using ArcGIS Online to save time and money.
Oak Grove, Minnesota – Public Works, Zoning and Property
Need: The City of Oak Grove needed a better solution to meet their GIS needs, but budget was a primary concern. They had a massive data set for parcel mapping, planning and public works, and multiple departments needed to be able to access the system.
Solution: The City’s ArcGIS Online platform provides a flexible, cost-effective, up-to-date solution. Multiple data access points are available through one central system, which is supported by many types of applications that provide information on asset management, public works and emergency services. Additionally, the platform provides information on parks, attractions and other important information residents need.

Wautoma, Wisconsin – Sanitary Sewer and Operations Tracking
Need: The City of Wautoma used traditional methods to track maintenance on its sewer collection system. The methods were not the same every time, and were not stored in an easily accessible location. It led to inefficient reporting and ineffectively prioritizing rehab and replacement projects. The city needed to modernize the process to comply with CMOM requirements.

Solution: The ArcGIS Online platform allows the City to continue improving their collection system maintenance tracking. The City took advantage of a large replacement and rehabilitation project completed in 2014 to update the GIS database. By updating the sanitary GIS with new manhole and main work, they set the stage to use ArcGIS Online for applications to track required inspections, track conditions and customer service calls. The Sanitary Application tracks manholes and mains by age, condition plus lining and inspections status. City staff “feed” data collected with field-use tablets. Mobile apps used to track manhole maintenance, main cleaning and customer service calls will help the City streamline services.

Baraboo, Wisconsin – Water Maintenance Tracking and Reporting
Need: The City of Baraboo Water Department wanted to take advantage of current technology to transition from using pen and paper to track valve exercising and hydrant flushing to a digital solution.
Solution: After reviewing some off-the-shelf software packages, the department decided to utilize ArcGIS Online to track field activities. ArcGIS Online provides better real-time analytics and reporting to guide decisions on prioritizing maintenance costs.

ArcGIS Online provides a state-of-the-art, cost-effective platform for all things GIS by providing an interactive tool that allows communities to efficiently plan for future maintenance. For more information on GIS solutions, contact MSA’s Scott Kiley.

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