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Building Blocks: How All Projects Start with Great Surveying

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Building Blocks: How All Projects Start with Great Surveying

A basic requirement for all successful civil engineering projects is surveying. If you’re not familiar, surveying is the technique of determining the relative position of different points on, above or beneath the surface of the land. The findings are then represented on a plan or map.
Pre-planning and the design of major construction projects like highways, tunnels, bridges and dams are dependent on project surveying measurements. Every project, whether big or small, is constructed along the lines established by surveying. Thus, success of every project is dependent on adept surveying.
Among other features, land surveying may show boundary locations, lot dimensions, building locations, occupational limits and possibly zoning information. A land survey may also show much more or much less detail depending on the type of survey. For example, a topographic survey would show elevations of the land and structures as well as other information such as wetland and water-body locations. Many other survey types may be performed that are specific to certain industries, such as utility surveys, ALTA surveys for commercial lenders or environmental surveys.
Surveys also can include important physical features like power lines, fences, buildings, streets and other improvements in relation to the deeded land. A completed survey will locate on the ground what your deed describes on paper with any regulations and zoning that would apply to the land.
Survey projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes, both private and public clients utilize surveying services. Here are a variety of examples of MSA surveying projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa:
Our specialists have the resources and expertise to efficiently and accurately complete fieldwork and to provide quality survey documents.  Contact MSA’s Steve Schmidt for more information on surveying.

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