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Separated Manure Solids Offer Green Bedding Alternative [Infographic]

Matt Rockweiler, EIT | with 0 Comments

Separated Manure Solids Offer Green Bedding Alternative [Infographic]

Sand is commonly used in the bedding of livestock because of the maximum comfort it provides the cow. The consequences of sand bedding is increased wear on manure transfer components, and sand accumulation in fields. A new trend in the agricultural industry involves bedding livestock with separated manure solids.

Sick of sand?
Manure solids are naturally excreted by livestock so they are present in the waste stream. The separated manure solids are removed from the waste stream with the aid of a mechanical separator. Separators come in various sizes, configurations and can be incorporated into existing systems or new facilities. The solids are repurposed as bedding, leading to cost savings and increased flexibility with manure management.

  • Reduced trucking to and from the farm leading to cost savings
  • Significantly reduced bedding costs
  • Reduced wear on manure transfer parts
  • Increased flexibility with manure management

 Management Considerations:
  • Proper handling of manure to avoid increase in somatic cell count
  • Retrofit of existing systems to incorporate equipment
  • Ample bedding supply during conversion
For more information on manure management solutions, contact MSA's Matt Rockweiler.

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