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Why MSA?: Flexibility for your real life

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Why MSA?: Flexibility for your real life

 At MSA, we recognize that our employees are real people with lives beyond the walls of their office or cubical. Our day-to-day business practices are guided by several factors, including a set of core values that we work hard to uphold. Among these core values is respect and care for our employees. 

If you’ve spent any time in our Careers section, you may have noticed the following blurb on workplace flexibility at MSA:
We know that balancing work and everything else isn’t always easy. At MSA, we believe our success as an organization depends on the happiness and well-being of our team members. Unlike other professional services firms, we take our commitment to work-life balance seriously. Need to leave early to get to an afternoon appointment? Go for it. Hoping to enjoy breakfast with your family after spending a long evening at the office the night before? Come in a couple hours late. We know your career should accommodate your lifestyle, not the other way around.
We don’t think this is a revolutionary concept, and the 2014 National Study of Employers supports this frame of thought.
According to the study’s findings, employees in effective, flexible workplaces are more likely to have:
  • Greater engagement in their role;
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction;
  • Stronger employee-employer loyalty;
  • Less negative, stressful spillover from job to home (and vice versa); and
  • Better mental health.
How do we ensure this commitment to flexibility is more than just a chimera that we reference here on this blog or our employee handbook? It’s engrained in our very culture. We expect to be flexible in accommodating our own personal schedules, the schedules of our peers, and the schedules of our clients. Whether you’re an in-office, 8-5 proponent or prefer to spend a day working from home, we’ve got you covered. MSA has invested in technology so our professionals can work off-site. From remote desktop access to video conferencing software, our employees have options to be able to provide the high-quality solutions our clients are used to from just about anywhere.
Opponents argue that with increased flexibility comes a lack of commitment. While a valid concern, we believe that an internal sense of drive and commitment overrides the need for our leadership team to micromanage. Our commitment to flexibility is rooted in respect for our employees: we trust that they understand the obligations they have to the organization and the clients they serve, and in return, they are afforded the ability to manage their work schedule. MSA is a trusted partner helping clients succeed, and that success starts with a healthy, supportive workplace. 

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