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My family and I recently visited Milwaukee to watch the Bucks take on my favorite NBA team – the Miami Heat. It was great to watch the players and coaches I’m used to seeing only on TV in person, but more than a good time, the game was an excellent learning experience.

Before the game started, I spoke with a few members of the arena’s operations staff. We talked about how the arena’s employees continuously work together to make sure that every fan’s overall experience is the absolute best it can be. MSA’s staff might not be responsible for hosting nationally broadcasted sport events, but I think there are definitely some similarities between our team of A/E/C professionals and the operations staff at Milwaukee’s Bradley Center.
Maranna Little, a project associate in our Champaign office, told me, “MSA can often be a single source for clients, which is a very distinctive feature in the industry.  While other people at my level have to set up an appointment to meet with their civil engineer to discuss the site and drainage, I can walk downstairs. What takes a normal architect days (or weeks) to coordinate between trades, we can do in one afternoon of sitting around the big table. While other project managers are struggling to communicate with outside sub consultants and their associated protocols, I can walk down the hall to talk to mine. It truly provides a distinctive work environment that fosters not only an understanding, but an appreciation for other people in our industry and the jobs they perform. It creates a bond between employees when we can work collaboratively toward a common goal or project. I’m lucky to be an employee of MSA, but I’m privileged to be able to work with people I consider friends as well as colleagues.”
I couldn’t agree more with Maranna’s insight. Like she said, having offices comprised of professionals who specialize in a variety of disciplines is a huge benefit, for both our clients and our employees. We’re able to complete nearly every project we work on in-house, without having to contract with subconsultants, which means cost savings for our clients, and stronger working relationships between our team members.
Just as the Bradley Center operations staff works together to enhance each fan’s experience, MSA’s architects, engineers, planners, and other experts collaborate to strengthen our relationship with each and every client. MSA strives to create the greatest experience possible for our clients and employees by offering more ideas and better solutions, all under one roof. We’ve evolved into an organization that’s committed to collaboration, and we’ll continue to strengthen Midwestern communities by further refining that commitment.

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