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Why I love Champaign

Keith Schinkoeth, PE | with 0 Comments

Why I love Champaign

Welcome to the Midwest’s other “twin cities,” Champaign-Urbana, Illinois!

These two cities comprise Champaign County, a community of over 200,000 that is rich in culture and full of activities. Due in large part to the University of Illinois, the metropolitan area offers entertainment and diverse attractions unlike any other. MSA has been in Champaign since 2010, and 31 employee-owners currently call Champaign their home office.

Following are eight reasons I love living and working in Champaign:
  1. Convenience: Having lived and worked in Chicago, I fully appreciate being only 5-10 minutes from anywhere I’d want to be in the city. This has easily given me back 1-2 hours of my life per week previously spent on public transportation or in traffic.
  2. Outdoor activities: I spend most of that extra time running. A fantastic local running club keeps me fit and having fun. A lot of us run the Illinois Marathon held in Champaign-Urbana every spring and on trails in C-U and at nearby lakes and parks.
  3. University of Illinois: U of I ranked 13th best college town and 2nd best Civil Engineering for undergrad and graduate programs in America. Coincidentally, U of I ranked #1 Party School and 11th fittest college town in America. Figure that one out!
  4. Dining: Numerous fantastic restaurants and microbreweries are located in the city. Make sure to try Triptych Brewery and Black Dog Smoke & Ale House!
  5. Easy access to nearby metro areas: Three of my favorite places to visit are only a couple hours’ drive: 1)Chicago - Go Cubs Go! 2) St. Louis with the must-visit City Museum and 3) Indianapolis with the Monumental Marathon which is a great fall race for first-time marathoners!
  6. World-class entertainment: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and State Farm Center are hotbeds for entertainment.
  7. Great events: Around town you can enjoy the ELLNORA Guitar Festival, Pygmalion Music Festival, and The Roger Ebert Film Festival - Ebertfest, to the locals.
  8. Celebrity sightings: Just this week, I attended a talk with Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and the University of Illinois hired former Bears coach Lovie Smith. Not a typical Monday, but you’d be surprised how often stuff like this happens around here!

For more information regarding job opportunities in Champaign, please visit our Careers page or contact Craig Fields.

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