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Resource concerns identified in a CNMP

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Resource concerns identified in a CNMP

What is a resource concern?  A resource concern is an expected degradation of the soil, water, air, plant, animal, human, or energy resource base to an extent that the sustainability of intended use of the resource is impaired.  There is a cause or specific reason or threat to the resource that results in the resource concern. Download this free infographic on Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP).
The main goals of a CNMP are to identify resource concerns, to determine solutions to those concerns and to use as a tool to secure funding. Highlighted below are the things to consider with each of the resource concern areas within a CNMP.

Soil: Sheet, rill, gully & wind erosion; excessive bank erosion from streams, shorelines or water conveyance channels; or soil loss, compaction or depletion of organic matter.
Water: Excess water, insufficient water or water quality degradation from pathogens, pollutants and temperature.
Animals: Grazing plans and livestock production limitation from inadequate feed storage, shelter or water.
Air: Emissions of particulate matter, greenhouse gases, ozone precursors and objectionable odors.
Plant: An agronomist identifies degraded plant conditions including productivity, structure, pest pressure or excessive biomass accumulation.
Energy: The inefficient use of energy on the facility is best left to the experts. Agriculture engineers work with specialists for the energy analysis.
Human: Safety first. Make sure you have a fence around your manure lagoon. Be sure to schedule routine and timely maintenance to avoid safety-related problems. Do you have signs for hazardous materials and biosecurity?
Would you like more information on CNMP or these resource concerns? Contact MSA’s Jessica Hying.

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