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Navigating the CDBG-PF Program

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Navigating the CDBG-PF Program

Now is the time to start the grant application process for 2017 Community Development Block Grant-Public Facilities (CDBG-PF) Program. CDBG-PF funds are awarded to projects that include water and sewer improvements, street reconstruction, WWTF improvements, Senior Centers and other Low-to-Moderate (LMI) eligible community facilities. Does your project meet the requirements for the CDBG-PF program?
CDBG-PF awards up to 50% grant funds with a typical maximum of $500,000 in total funds. A community with a total project cost of $600,000 can apply for $300,000 (50%) of CDBG-PF.  All projects $1 million and over receive a maximum award of $500,000. 
Grant Requirements:
  • To be eligible for funding, at least 51% the population served by the project must be Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) as determined by the U.S. Census data or the results of an income survey.  A community-wide LMI rating is required for projects that will benefit the community as a whole (e.g. wells, water towers, treatment facilities). 
  • For projects that will be completed in a targeted area (e.g. neighborhood street reconstruction and utility replacement), 51% of the residents of that target area must be LMI. 
  • Projects that benefit senior citizens, abused children, battered spouses, homeless persons, and severely disabled adults are considered “limited clientele” and are automatically assumed to be LMI.  Therefore, construction of a senior center would not require a community-wide or targeted area income survey. 
Applications are due to the Wisconsin Department of Administration by Friday, May 27, 2016 at 4 p.m. Grant awards are usually announced in August of 2016, and the construction of projects can begin after the agreement between the community and CDBG is in place. Check out the Wisconsin Department of Administration website for more information.
Since CDBG-PF applications require significant time to prepare, MSA’s Community Development Specialist, Jeff Thelen, asks that applicants approve grant writing contracts no later than March 25, 2016.  Contact Jeff today to schedule a meeting.
Do you have funding questions? Contact MSA’s Mary Wagner for more information.

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