The Value of Professional Surveyors

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The Value of Professional Surveyors

Surveyors play an essential role in the design of all infrastructure, including roads, bridges, utilities and site development. Today’s surveyors utilize sophisticated technology to perform accurate measurements, research records, reduce data and prepare maps and plans that show the results of the survey.
MSA’s surveying roots reach back to the 1930s when a rural surveying and engineering partnership owned by H.E. French and H.C. Amundson served clients from a Baraboo office. Today, the MSA survey group consists of 34 surveyors and technicians located in 14 offices across Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They provide services such as:
  • property boundary determination
  • land development services
  • highway right-of-way determination
  • construction services
  • gathering field information to be used as the base for engineering improvements 
We’ve pulled together some of our most memorable surveying photos from over the years. Check them out here.

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