Register today for MSA's March 26th Stormwater Utility Webinar

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Register today for MSA's March 26th Stormwater Utility Webinar

What's a "stormwater utility"?
A stormwater utility is a financing mechanism that provides a dedicated revenue source for stormwater management system improvements, instead of funding such improvements through the general tax fund. Because a utility fee structure is proportional to the stormwater generated by each parcel, this approach is fairer than a property tax system. 

Is a stormwater utility the right fit for your community?

Join us at noon on March 26 for an hour-long webinar that will help you answer this question. MSA's Stormwater Practice Leader Eric Thompson, PE, CFM has helped dozens of communities throughout the upper Midwest determine the feasibility of implementing stormwater utilities. Our stormwater team has guided nearly 20 communities through the complete stormwater utility implementation process.

Webinar Details
During this free webinar, Eric will guide attendees through the stormwater utility development process. He'll discuss the three critical elements to a utility's success, based on his team's past experience. Eric will also share some simple "rules-of-thumb" to give you a better idea of what communities like yours are doing when it comes to stormwater management and utility creation. 

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