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The Spring 2015 issue of MSA Today offers tools for enhancing a community’s downtown. Learn about ways to help with your visioning process. The article also reviews potential implementation tools, such as land use and design guidelines, and landscaping and streetscaping plans. MSA’s urban planners, engineers and other specialists work together to maximize opportunities and plan for the future.

The keys to a successful downtown plan are:
  • public participation and elected official support
  • analysis of current conditions
  • comprehensive development concept that inspires further engagement
  • realistic action plan tied to funding resources
  • schedule for implementation
This issue also highlights the achievements of the following Community Stars: Dawn Smith, Cedar County Supervisor, Iowa; Village of Rapids City President Greg Rankin, Illinois; Kyle Johnson, former City of Shafer mayor, Minnesota; and Morris Gillett, former Village of Birchwood president, Wisconsin. 


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