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Cities with More Transportation Options Most Resilient

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Cities with More Transportation Options Most Resilient

Is your community vulnerable to volatility in the price of gas?  Do you know what would happen in your city if prices doubled or tripled?  A recent study from the University of Colorado Denver showed that compact cities with more transportation options are more resilient to sudden spikes in gas prices. 
Researchers found (not surprisingly) that people who lived closer to their work, in areas with more compact street networks and better multi-modal infrastructure, would be less affected if gas prices suddenly doubled or tripled because they could rely on other modes of transportation to get to work.
Previous research done on the topic had assumed that people who drive to work would continue driving despite an increase in gas prices; however, the researchers at CU Denver found that many people living in cities with multi-modal infrastructure that includes biking, busing and light rail, would choose to save their gas money and use a different mode of transportation to commute to work.  And that has a direct link to the health of your local economy – if people can find ways to avoid paying more for gas, they can continue spending on other items that might otherwise get cut from tight household budgets. 
Case Study
At MSA, we take pride in the safe and convenient transportation infrastructure we have designed for communities in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Over the past 10 years, MSA has been collaborating with the City of Madison to design and reconstruct its iconic State Street. This award winning project has renewed a street that connects the UW-Madison campus to the Capitol Square and accommodates pedestrian, bike and bus traffic.
The success of this multimodal facility is demonstrated by the street’s full storefronts and nearby redevelopment projects, including hundreds of new residential units. The end result is one that we like to see in any city, regardless of gas prices: activity, investment and growth. 
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