Success Story - Marshfield, WI

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Success Story - Marshfield, WI

The City of Marshfield was designing plans for reconstructing 0.5 miles of Lincoln Avenue, a minor north-south commuter arterial serving the west side of the City. The deteriorating existing roadway was too narrow and was highlighted for improvements in a Safe Routes to School program for students at a new elementary school at the south end of the project. At the 60% design stage, applications for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding came out and the Lincoln Avenue project met the requirements for funding.  

The City called on MSA to assist in transforming the existing plans into WisDOT plans and specifications. MSA drafted all of the reports required for WisDOT projects (Environmental Report, Pavement Design Report, Traffic Management Plan, and Design Study Report) and coordinated and accelerated their approval through the local program review process. Once these steps were complete, the project met all of the requirements for ARRA funding and was approved by the state legislature. MSA then produced PS&E documents and assisted the City in converting their plan sheets into WisDOT format. 

The project was successfully let, and construction began less than four months after the City began exploring the idea of ARRA funding for this project. However, the quick turnaround left the City short on staff for inspection of the municipal utilities and again called on MSA to perform construction related services for the sanitary sewer installation.  

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