Project of the Month: The Economical Aero-Mod Treatment Facility

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Project of the Month: The Economical Aero-Mod Treatment Facility

Wastewater treatment facilities are something the general public takes for granted. The water goes down the pipe and is out of sight and out of mind. Municipal officials know that there’s more to the story than that. Wastewater treatment facilities are a major infrastructure investment. In an era of shrinking budgets and stricter environmental controls, municipalities are always on the lookout for high-tech, low cost solutions.

The Village of Port Byron’s wastewater treatment facility was constructed in the mid-1960s, consisting of three stabilization lagoons. The Village had upgraded the facility in 1987, but those modifications were insufficient. In 1996, the Illinois EPA placed the Village on “Restricted Status”.
Furthermore, the Village has experienced difficulty in achieving compliance with its NPDES discharge permit, specifically in relation to Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Additionally, a draft NPDES permit containing an ammonia nitrogen discharge limit had been issued to the Village – the existing treatment plant couldn’t provide ammonia nitrogen removal.

After working with MSA to evaluate a number of treatment alternatives and scenarios, the Village’s Water and Sewer Committee chose to construct an Aero-Mod activated sludge facility to remediate the problems. The new facility was constructed adjacent to the Village’s current stabilization lagoons, completely within the current treatment facility property.

The activated sludge facility is capable of providing the necessary BOD, TSS and ammonia removal. It includes the following features:
·         Influent flow split structure
·         Headworks building with screening and grit removal
·         Process flow split structure
·         Sludge belt press facility
·         Effluent flow measurement and sampling structure
·         Storm flow return structure
·         Additional, miscellaneous site improvements.
The Port Byron Aero-Mod facility is the first municipal wastewater treatment facility of its kind in the State of Illinois. It is economical to operate and will easily accommodate future growth within the community. The new facility’s design takes into consideration current Village users and potential new user hookups that have been delayed due to the IEPA Restricted Status imposed in 1996. Construction began in late 2009 and was completed in 2012.

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