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Boating Made Better

Raine Gardner, PE | with 0 Comments

Boating Made Better

According to the 2000 Census, 20.9 million American families have at least one family member with a disability. Creating inclusive outdoor spaces not only has an economic impact, these spaces create a better enjoyment of life and builds healthier communities. Whether fueled by the love of the great outdoors or determination to choose a healthier lifestyle, more Americans are utilizing a wider variety of park and recreational resources. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite ADA-accessible boat launch facilities to celebrate National Boating Month and the inclusive nature of MSA’s creative parks and recreation design team.
Check out this slide deck—and this month, enjoy some time in the outdoors!

For more information on creating inclusive outdoor spaces, contact MSA’s Raine Gardner, PE. To see more of our Parks and Recreation projects, view our full Parks and Recreation Statement of Qualifications here.

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