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What is a CNMP?

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What is a CNMP?

A CNMP, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan, provides a complete overview of a farm operation from an agronomic and engineering perspective. The main goals of a CNMP are to identify resource concerns, to determine solutions to those concerns and to use as a tool to secure funding.
Another reason a producer might develop a CNMP is because they are expanding and becoming a CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation).  The CNMP identifies areas, like stormwater runoff from barnyard and feed storage, that may need to be considered as requirements of becoming a CAFO.
What are the benefits to having a CNMP?
  • Requirement for funding opportunities
  • Improvement plan for the farm
  • Strategy to meet compliance regulations
  • Protection from complaints and/or environmental accidents
Who can do a CNMP?
Agronomists and engineers trained in evaluating the production area of the farm can develop CNMPs. The agronomist and engineer each play a distinct role in the CNMP. 
Agronomists evaluate the farm’s fields and nutrients applied to the fields and crops. The agronomic portion of the CNMP includes a Nutrient Management Plan, Pest Management Plan, Biosecurity Plan, Conservation Plan, Field Maps, and Manure Spreading Restriction Maps.
Engineers evaluate the production facilities, manure storage, feed storage and wastewater systems. The engineering portion of the CNMP includes an Emergency Response Plan, Summary of Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage, Production Area Maps, Soil Maps, and Topographic Maps.
Both the agronomic and engineering portions provide record-keeping guidelines, strategies and templates for the farm.
If a producer is hoping to receive funding through the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or county grants, a Certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) must complete the CNMP. The NRCS issues certification for TSP designation.
Contact MSA’s Jessica Hying for more information on CNMPs. Jessica is certified for CNMP Plan Development – Manure & Wastewater Handling & Storage and Manure & Wastewater Handling & Storage in Wisconsin and Iowa.

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