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Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

There are only so many events you can predict when you're making decisions for your city or town. One of those areas that’s climbing the list of importance is water conservation, which needs your attention today so you can avoid shortages tomorrow.
According to an article in the Economic Times, the world’s population growth could cause demand for water to outpace supply by 2050. Aside from futuristic projections, we know that presently many communities in the state of California, and even a few communities in the Midwest, are faced with water shortages. Civil engineers can audit your municipality’s water consumption and provide invaluable advice, depending on your proximity to water supply and your population’s needs.
For example, the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida employed civil engineers, who introduced multiple water conservation projects that included aggressive leak detection and recycling. Their implementation of xeriscaping also proved to be effective in cutting down on the amount of water used in landscaping products. In fiscal year 2012, the Air Force funded 15 water projects that were expected to save two billion gallons of water and $1.07 million a year.
Water conservation in Midwest states like Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin became especially important after the passing of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014. It expands funding from the EPA for Publicly Owned Treatment Works projects and projects such as watershed.  

Here in Wisconsin, MSA was able to help the Town of Three Lakes decrease the amount of water loss with a watermains replacement. The mains were replaced in 2012. MSA predicted a savings of 1,770 kgal/year and the actual savings has been about 4,100 kgal/year.  Not only will this investment conserve water, the investment will result in lower operation and maintenance costs for the Town.
Learn more about managing your municipality’s water supply by contacting MSA’s Rob Uphoff.

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