The Future of Engineering Includes Reality Computing

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The Future of Engineering Includes Reality Computing

Reality computing may be the next step toward the future of design. It is certainly the largest advancement for engineers, architects and GIS professionals since the development of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programming.
Using lasers to map a space offers far more detail than a crew with measuring tape and a notepad can ever provide. Once transferred into a CAD program, it renders a three-dimensional design that can be altered according to new building plans and renovations.
According to an article on, the process has recently been integral to renovating and capturing information from outdated and remote facilities. Having proven itself with indoor settings, reality computing may be the next step in civil engineering as well.
Reality Computing and Civil Engineering
Reality computing has a chance to help civil engineering by making 3-D maps in real time rather than using old contour maps. Whether designing roads and ramps to handle traffic patterns onto busy highways or designing stormwater management plans, reality computing can save a lot of time with its virtual story mapping capabilities.
Municipalities already combine reality computing with global positioning systems (GPS) equipment for asset management, dam failure analysis, and pavement management. There is potential for so much more. Economic development and tourism possibilities, for example, include virtual citywide or recreational trail tours. 
If used to its full advantage, reality computing promises exciting new opportunities for civil engineers.
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