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Iowa Projects on the RISE

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Iowa Projects on the RISE

If you live in West Des Moines, you are well aware of the new Microsoft Data Center expansion occurring on the south Polk County corridor. According to the City of West Des Moines, the expansion will create an additional 80 plus full-time jobs at Microsoft and has the potential to attract other businesses for further economic development.

Funding the project has been supported by Iowa’s RISE (Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy) program.  The program funds Iowa projects that can increase economic development of a particular community or area within the community. 

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), there are $10 million in funds available to cities and counties. Some of the expenses they list as eligible for reimbursement through RISE funding include:
  • Roadway resurfacing, rehabilitiation, modernization, upgrading, reconstruction or initial construction.
  • Bridge and culvert repair or construction.
  • Roadway intersection and interchange improvements.
  • Right-of-way purchase.
  • Design engineering costs and construction inspection costs associated with RISE-financed projects.
  • County and City bond principal and interest payments associated with RISE projects.
  • Storm drainage and storm sewer for roadways. 
RISE funding made it possible for the City of Farley’s reconstruction of Jamesmeier Road and the City of Durant’s Norfolk Drive roadway improvements. These street reconstruction projects will lead to improved access enabling these communities’ industrial parks to grow and prosper.

For more information on Iowa’s RISE funding contact Jim Holz, AICP.

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