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How to fast track a community project

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How to fast track a community project

When Microsoft decided to expand its data center, the City of West Des Moines chose to tackle the enormous infrastructure expansion by distributing the project work to multiple private consultants.  Several projects are currently in design and will soon be under construction as part of this five-phase expansion.

Communication is Key
Communication between the five engineering firms has been a key factor in the progress of the project. They are all united by focusing on one thing – success of the expansion project as a whole, not just their individual pieces of the project. The team of consultants meets weekly to discuss project status, delays or concerns. The ability to work together for the betterment of the project and to adapt to changing project requirements has been instrumental in the team’s success.
West Des Moines MicroSoft Expansions Hwy 5
The MSA road project passes under Hwy 5 which requires Iowa DOT (IDOT) coordination.

Uniting multiple engineering firms when tackling a large project results in a number of benefits for owners: 
  1. Condensed Project Schedule – Large community development projects may contain multiple infrastructure improvements. Bringing on multiple engineering firms can help lessen the total amount of time required by a project.
  2. Enhanced creativity – When designers from multiple firms are forced to participate in a group-design process, the client benefits from their collaboration. Interacting with firms who maybe do things differently than one another results in more innovation and better solutions.
  3. Superior problem solving – The old adage that two minds are greater than one applies here. When project issues arise, multiple firms can rely on their past experiences to develop a viable solution.
IDOT coordination Hwy 5
The MSA project qualifies for RISE funding due to anticipated positive economic impacts.

Contracting with multiple engineering firms is an effective solution for a community trying to fast-track a multi-infrastructural improvement plan. It takes a dedicated group of civil engineers who are focused beyond their own project and committed to the success of the entire team to succeed.
Our team of multi-disciplined professionals are accustomed to keeping projects on-time and on-budget. Contact MSA’s Carl Elshire for more information on civil engineering in Iowa. 

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