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The Ways Green Infrastructure Can Benefit Communities

Eric Thompson, PE, CFM | with 0 Comments

The Ways Green Infrastructure Can Benefit Communities

It seems like everybody and everything is adopting the phrase “going green,” but what does that mean for our industry? Green infrastructure is a network of stormwater management practices that can capture and infiltrate rain where it falls, reducing stormwater runoff and improving the health of surrounding waterways. However, can these systems actually help the communities in which they’re built?
Before we begin, I want to share some different types of green infrastructures found in a neighborhood near you. Examples include green roofs, tree planting, bioretention and infiltration systems, permeable pavement, vegetative swales and water harvesting.
These infrastructures can benefit communities in numerous ways, including aesthetics, recreation, reduced noise pollution and community cohesion. In addition, more greenery within communities increases the “curb” appeal as well as property value to neighborhoods.
It also has been shown that more people will amplify their recreational activities when there are more trees and vegetation added in their community. As mentioned before, permeable pavements as well as other practices have an added benefit of reducing noise pollution.
Lastly, green infrastructures benefit communities by bringing everyone together. According to a study done at the University of Illinois, exposure to green surroundings reduced mental fatigue and the feelings of irritability that come with it. Even small amounts of greenery helped inner city residents have safer, less violent domestic environments.
Green infrastructures not only provide solutions to stormwater management issues, they also bring a multitude of benefits to their communities. 

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