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Pursuing Your Passions at MSA

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Pursuing Your Passions at MSA

We’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts – we’re actively working to make MSA the Best Place to Work. In order to achieve that goal, we need to support our employees and allow them opportunities for professional growth.

As evidenced by the 2013 Gallup State of the American Workplace Report, across industries, the average workplace has room for improvement. The report found that only 30% of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work. That leaves a huge majority, ranging from apathetic to downright hostile, who are not reaching their full potential, and this takes its toll.

That’s where MSA comes in.  MSA believes in creating an environment in which our professionals can pursue their interests and chart the course for the career they want. In return, we have been rewarded with a staff of technical professionals who are truly dedicated to improving communities across the Upper Midwest.  

You’ve read about Abby, one of our engineers in our Marshfield office, who has taken her passion for sustainability and turned it into a fulfilling career as a civil engineer. Many of our technical professions share a similar experience.
Andy Skwor, an engineer in our Baraboo office, started out as a construction engineer at MSA in 2001. Yet, by the time 2010 rolled around, Andy recognized his desire to turn his interest in agriculture into a career. He saw an opportunity to create a new position dedicated solely to building MSA’s agriculture program – and he took it.
“The workaholic that I am, I felt like I needed a change, and despite being a ‘city kid,’ I’ve always had a connection to farmers and agriculture. I sat down with the leadership team and developed a business plan to become a key player in agriculture, especially since MSA is committed to being the go-to, Midwestern A/E/C firm,” Andy explained.  “Since then, we continue to grow by the week. We have established MSA as a recognized player in the agricultural market, assisting farmers of all sizes and in all markets—dairy, beef, poultry, swine, exotics, organic, agro-chemical, and animal genetics—and  partnering with other agricultural consultants to help farmers grow and prosper.”
We’re proud that employees make MSA a career, not just a job. We enjoy helping our staff find and pursue their passions—even when those passions may not have something in their original job descriptions. With this approach, employee engagement emerges naturally, and because our professionals feel connected and invested in their work, they are able to produce the high-caliber solutions that distinguish us as industry leaders.  

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