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Notes on Municipal Advisor regulations, part three

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Notes on Municipal Advisor regulations, part three

In our last two blog posts of our “Notes from a Registered Municipal Advisor” series, we explained the basics of the Municipal Advisor rule and summarized why it’s being imposed. Now that you have that background knowledge, let’s walk through what steps municipalities should be doing to prepare for these new regulations.
The most important things to consider and determine are:
  1. Does your current A/E firm or consultant provide services that require compliance with these new regulations?
    1. If so, determine the firm’s registration status by visiting this list, published by the MSRB.
    2. If registered, has the firm informed community decision makers of these regulations and their policy for achieving compliance?
  2. Has your current engineering firm or consultant chosen not to register with the MSRB and SEC as a MA?
    1. Consider how this might impact the content, quality and robustness of their services.
    2. Should your community hire an independent MA for every project that may involve the financing components – regardless of the scale of the project?
Additional information is surfacing almost daily from the SEC and MSRB, and MSA is dedicated to staying ahead of the regulatory curve. If you’d like additional information pertaining to how these new regulations might impact your community, we’re more than happy to help. Contact MSA's funding team with any questions or concerns you might have relative to the new Municipal Advisor regulations.

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