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Why do farmers need an engineer on their management team?

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Why do farmers need an engineer on their management team?

Agriculture is a hot topic in today’s society. With farms expanding and trying to produce more and more commodities for the growing population and the EPA enforcing stricter regulations, trying to keep everybody happy becomes chaotic. The old saying, “We’ve always done it this way” doesn’t hold true anymore in the agricultural community. 
The EPA, NRCS, and DNR are cracking down on farmers, and the question is no longer “Do I need an engineer?” it’s “When do I need an engineer?”  The short answer is you need an engineer anytime you’re planning an expansion. It’s a good idea to get an engineer involved any time you’re planning to make changes to buildings, manure/feed storage, waste transfer systems, or anytime you receive a notification of non-compliance from your county or the Department of Natural Resources.
What benefits can partnering with an agricultural engineer provide to a producer? Here are just a few of the many benefits and services an agricultural engineer can provide.
  • Engineers are often well-versed in and able to communicate potential funding opportunities
  • They can help producers think long-term about their facilities, instead of focusing on the short-term completion of projects
  • Agricultural engineers can help identify facility improvements that boost production capabilities
  • They understand the requirements of compliance with county, state, and federal regulations
At MSA, our agricultural engineers often encounter farmers spending resources retrofitting their facilities, when consulting with an engineer from the beginning would have avoided the problems they’re encountering. If you’re considering improvements to your facilities, big or small, be sure to get an engineer involved at the beginning, to save yourself time and money in the long run. Contact Josh Slaney for more information.

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