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Central Park Project

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Central Park Project

Creating new urban recreational space can be challenging.  Every new space begins with a plan.  Effective planning and development capitalizes on the existing strengths of an open space to create a user-friendly and an aesthetically-pleasing environment.
Proper recreation planning can repurpose areas and provide facilities that meet the needs of the neighborhood and community, enhance economic development potential, and stimulate renewed focus of neighborhoods and employment centers. Pedestrian and bicycle enhancements can provide off-road connections between residential developments, business districts and other amenities. 

Great plans come to those who wait. A recent ribbon-cutting marked the official opening of Central Park in Madison, Wisconsin, - a new recreational asset more than 40 years in the making. The photo album below includes images from planning development through construction management of the project’s first phase.  Contact MSA’s Jaime Kurten for more information on the project.
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