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Get a Step Up with STEM [Infographic]

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Get a Step Up with STEM [Infographic]

Americans are seeing the value in science, technology, engineering and math education. In a report from the National Student Clearinghouse, STEM degrees have become increasingly common over the last 10 years, as 40 percent of bachelor’s degrees earned by men and 29 percent earned by women are STEM focused. Below is an infographic that further explains the benefits of participants in a STEM-focused curriculum.
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  1. 99% of STEM student enroll in college after high school, and 79% complete college in 4 years.  https://www.edutopia.org/pdfs/stw/edutopia-stw-mc2STEM-infographic.pdf
  2. Civil engineering and other STEM jobs are expected to grow nearly double the expected frowth rate of all other U.S. jobs.  http://www.esa.doc.gov/sites/default/files/stemfinalyjuly14_1.pdf
  3. People with STEM jobs have a higher employment rate than those with non-STEM jobs.  http://www.esa.doc.gov/sites/default/files/stemfinalyjuly14_1.pdf
  4. Almost half of the people who have bachelor's degrees in STEM-related fields earn more than PhDs in non-STEM fields.  http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/01/27/more-students-earning-degrees-in-stem-fields-report-shows

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