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Celebrate Funding Success

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Celebrate Funding Success

I drove past a business featuring "Oreo Overload" frozen custard the other day. That's the good kind of overload.  Most of what we deal with day to day are project need overloads and tight budgets. Now is a good time to look ahead and make something new of the New Year!  How can municipalities overcome the obstacles of funding much-needed projects? Here’s a peek into what is available in the funding realm, along with some examples of how other communities like yours have been successful.

USDA Rural Development SEARCH grants
SEARCH grant dollars encourage small rural communities to be proactive instead of just reacting to issues. They provide the following benefits:
  • Communities can coordinate projects to save money and prioritize
  • No local match required
  • SEARCH grants are an important bridge to additional USDA Rural Development funds
  • Studies can satisfy other grant and low interest loan program requirements
MSA has successfully helped ten public entities obtain SEARCH grants in Iowa. SEARCH grants wins include the Baldwin-Monmouth Wastewater Treatment Agency, and the City of Garrison, which obtained 100% grants for their water study, totaling $35,000.  Check out our blog post SEARCH Grants Fund Critical Infrastructure Studies for more information.

Community Development Block Grant – Public Facilities
Since its inception, Wisconsin’s Community Development Block Grant - Public Facilities (CDBG-PF) Program has provided funds to support infrastructure and facility projects critical to community vitality and sustainability. Some examples of eligible projects include: expansions of streets, drainage systems, water and sewer systems, libraries and senior centers. The following communities were successful in obtaining funding through CDBG-PF.
  • City of Princeton: Obtained $500,000 of CDBG-PF grant funds and $500,000 in Principal Forgiveness from SDWLP to reconstruct S. Farmer Street with new utilities. The City also received low-interest SDWLP and CWFP loans for the remainder of the matching funds needed to complete the project.
  • City of New Lisbon: Received $500,000 of CDBG-PF funds for the construction of a new municipal well and well house (DNR SDWLP match).
  • Village of Randolph: Obtained $500,000 of CDBG-PF funds and $650,000 in Principal Forgiveness from CWFP for improvements to its WWTF sewer collection system (DNR match).
  • The Village of Luck: Re-applied for CWFP and increased their award of Principal Forgiveness from $500,000 to $700,000 for their WWTF upgrades, received a CDBG award, and utilized a previously awarded USDA-RD grant and low-interest loan funds.
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Dairy 30x20
This relatively new dairy farmer grant program, Dairy 30x20, comes from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The 30x20 program’s goal is increase milk production to 30 billion pounds by 2020.  MSA’s Ag Team submitted six applications to the Dairy 30x20 grant program in December for farmers throughout the State. Grant awards will be announced in 2016.

Would you like assistance with funding your next project?  Contact MSA’s Mary Wagner for more information.

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