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What it Takes to be an Engineer

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What it Takes to be an Engineer
MSA and the City of Dubuque received the Iowa ACEC Chapter 2010 Honor Award for Engineering Excellence for the West 32nd detention pond project, which included a moderate hazard dam and stream, and native landscape restoration.

Choosing a career is one of the most decisive and critical parts of one’s life. If you want to pursue engineering, you have to look closely at your innate talents, skills and desires. That’s because a creative, practical and detail-oriented personality is mandatory along with a curious and analytical mind.
Of course, knowing the art of applying scientific and mathematical principals in daily life for innovation and advancement is the benchmark of engineering, including civil, electrical, industrial and chemical. On an individual level, you must also have the qualities of good communication, leadership skills and problem-solving skills to reach your full potential, according to Dartmouth College.
After you get your degree, you’ll need to pass both the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and Principles and Practice of Engineering exam to become a Professional Engineer (PE). The All Engineering Schools website mentions that a wholesome hands-on experience of at least four years as a licensed engineer sets up the basic foundation for a promising career.
The scope of the field is limitless. Personal excellence, experience and a desire to learn more will take you to higher levels. You can earn a master’s degree to further maximize your engineering career, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Undoubtedly, engineering is a broad and highly inventive field that can be very challenging and daunting at times. A team-worker with unlimited imagination, scientific knowledge, designing and innovative approach with a penchant for problem-solving is sure to love engineering.
At MSA, we support professional development of our staff. Three-quarters of our engineers are licensed professional engineers, and that number continues to grow.  Contact MSA’s Steve Thompson, PE for more information on engineering careers or check out our current career opportunities.

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