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Reuse Resources at Redevelopment Sites

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Reuse Resources at Redevelopment Sites

There’s an art to redeveloping property. With proper forethought, redevelopment can mean more than demolishing old structures and constructing new. It’s possible to go one step further and reuse resources while revitalizing a site. That’s the case for the former J & J Castings property in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The City of Two Harbors wanted to redevelop the property situated at a prime location along the shores of Lake Superior. The site included an old railroad roundhouse, oil house, garage and other structures. Many buildings contained lead-based paint.

A Case Specific Beneficial Use Determination (CSBUD) permit was prepared that allows entities generating wastes to identify beneficial uses for those wastes rather than just sending them to a landfill. Finding new uses for solid waste saves landfill capacity and reduces the amount of raw materials used in construction and other industries.

The City of Two Harbors received approval from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to crush, store and reuse the concrete and brick contaminated with lead-based paint from demolition of the J & J Castings site.  In accordance with the project specifications, the demolition contractor treated the concrete and brick-painted surfaces to immobilize the lead prior to demolition, and then the materials were crushed. 

The demolition activities resulted in approximately 7,000 cubic yards of crushed material that the City of Two Harbors will use as road base material or as fill material for the new construction on the property. 

Although there are no definite plans for reuse of the J & J Castings site at this time, the lakeside property is ready for redevelopment.

MSA’s professionals work with clients to develop strategies for site restoration or clean up. For more information, contact Brian Hegge.

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