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MSA’s Engineers Share their Love of the Profession, Part One

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MSA’s Engineers Share their Love of the Profession, Part One
MSA's engineers reveal what their profession is like and why they enjoy it.

What inspires MSA’s engineers?

Ask any engineer, and you’ll get a variety of responses, from helping clients realize their dreams to enjoying a variety of projects. In this two-part series, a handful of MSA’s engineers share their views during National Engineers Week, ending Feb. 25. The National Society of Professional Engineers founded this week in 1951 for the purpose of “…increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.”

MSA’s engineers commented on why engineering continues to fascinate them, what they’ve learned and why they believe youth should consider it as a possible career. For instance, one engineer reported he is flying a sUAS (drone) as part of MSA’s Aerial Solutions service, and another enjoys the satisfaction of “seeing projects come to life through planning, design, construction and operation.”

Check out the responses.

Keith Schinkoeth, PE, Structural Engineer, Champaign, Ill.:

“Engineers serve as the connection between science and daily life. We are stewards of society's development. As such, we have a duty to be leaders and ensure the development of society is both safe and progressive. It is an awesome responsibility, and one we must always keep in mind during our day-to-day efforts.

“Clients regularly contact us with a variety of issues: structural problems with their home or an idea for a structure built for their business. By the time they contact us, they've likely spent many hours thinking about their project, either with excitement or worry. To be able to help these clients realize their dreams or ease their worries is always a very rewarding experience.”

Schinkoeth also commented on the pursuit of engineering as a profession.

“An engineering career will always be valuable! It is a future-proof career path and essentially guaranteed by the unlimited imagination of ourselves. Humans will always strive to build things―and to build them greener, cheaper, safer, larger, stronger, lighter and the list goes on,” he said. “At the heart of this effort, will be engineers. The tools may change, but the career will always be around.”

Jamie Anderson, PE, PLS, Drone Pilot, Rhinelander, Wis.:

“I love the variety of being a civil engineer. One day, I can be working on a roadway design and the next, I’m performing a property survey or flying a sUAS (drone) for work. I’m able to get out and interact with people to help solve their problems. I really appreciate that I can use my engineering and surveying background with the latest technology to come up with a solution.”

Anderson also explained the benefits of an internship with MSA in helping to clarify his career path. He started out expecting to become a mechanical engineer and work for the automotive industry. But soon realized working indoors all of the time wasn’t the right fit for him.

“During my first summer of college, I interned with MSA. I quickly learned that civil engineering would be more my style because workload is balanced between the office and the field,” Anderson said.

As part of his work, Anderson uses cutting-edge technology to create 3D models of project areas and transfer that data to create a new design.

Contact Keith Schinkoeth today for more information on structural engineering and Jamie Anderson for more information about Aerial Solutions.

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