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MSA’s Engineers Share their Love of the Profession, Part Two

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MSA’s Engineers Share their Love of the Profession, Part Two
MSA's engineers reflect on why they enjoy their profession.

In our latest blog post, “MSA’s Engineers Share their Love of the Profession,” three engineers share views about their experiences in the field. We offer their comments during National Engineers Week. 

Jason Olmstead, PE, Agricultural Engineer, Quad Cities (Bettendorf, Iowa)
“As an agricultural engineer, I enjoy the opportunity of helping agricultural producers with their planning needs for the present and future. It’s really satisfying to see projects come to life through planning, design, construction and operation.”
Like many young people, Olmstead wondered if he should pursue engineering as a profession. “What I found was that engineering is a rewarding career. What you do as a team can positively impact the lives of people and improve the way things operate to protect the public and environment,” he said. “It’s a career that allows you to learn, be creative, make a difference, travel and even enjoying flexibility, if things in your life change.”
Teresa Anderson, PE, Team Leader, Rice Lake, Wis.

“I find it very fulfilling to help clients through the ‘process’ of doing a project. Knowing the steps they need to take, helping them get through those steps and cutting through the red tape in areas like getting permits and funding are my favorite parts.”
Anderson added, “I enjoy being my client’s advocate, and helping them with something I do every day, but they only do once every few years (at most). I also like that civil engineering is something that society needs. We will always require clean water to consume and safe, sanitary ways to deal with wastewater. It’s rewarding to address that need, and then see and experience first-hand the direct, positive impact.”
As the mother of three children, Anderson said she values the flexibility MSA offers. It is important for her to find a work-life balance with a career that sometimes requires evening meetings and long hours.
Lucas Jones, PE, Project Engineer, St. Paul, Minn.
“What I most enjoy about my job is defining the problem with the client/stakeholders, and then sitting down with the design team and brainstorming solutions. When you achieve buy-in from all sides, every aspect of the project runs smoother.”
Lucas said working day-to-day as an engineer is not what he expected. “I didn’t think I would be interacting with people outside of my organization, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth,” he noted. “I have had to work to improve my speaking and communication skills, which led to me becoming more self-confident.”
Contact these engineers for more information: Jason Olmstead, agricultural engineering; Teresa Anderson, municipal engineering, funding and bidding; and Lucas Jones, municipal engineering and parks and recreation projects. 

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