WDNR releases Clean Water and Safe Drinking Programs Priority Lists

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WDNR releases Clean Water and Safe Drinking Programs Priority Lists

The Wisconsin DNR Project Priority Lists for the Clean Water Fund and the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program are now available. The Project Priority Lists rank projects according to the DNR’s priority award system. Projects must be on the respective list to be considered for funding from that program.
The next step for communities with projects on one of these lists is to submit an application with full plans and specs. If a community is eligible for principal forgiveness (PF), which acts very much like a grant, and their project is high enough on the Priority List, they can get both a low interest loan and PF on a project if they submit a full application and plans and specs by the funding deadline.

Benefits of the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Loan Programs
  • Low, fixed interest rates for 20 years
    • Sewer: 2.275% 1,2
    • Water: 1.788% 1 standard or 1.073% 1 hardship (MHI< $42,192)
  • PF of 15, 30, 45, or 60% for some projects
  • May use revenue bonding, general obligation, and/or special assessment
  • PF amounts for SDWLP up to $500,000 and for CWF up to $650,000, plus up to $100,000 more based on county unemployment
To be eligible for the Project Priority List, both programs require a Notice of Intent to Apply (ITA) form and a Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF) form, which are both due annually in October. Don’t worry if you didn’t get an ITA or PERF in this past year, you can start preparing now for the next cycle, which is due in October 2016.
Appealing Your Score
For both programs, there are two situations when you can appeal your score:
  1. If you have more information on the project than you did when you first submitted your application in October 2015, you maybe be eligible for a score increase. Additional information to request an increase in the score is due by 2/29/16.
  2. If you have information that supports questions for points that weren’t awarded, but it isn’t new information you’ve gleaned since 10/31/15, you can submit the information within 45 days of an application submittal to request a rescore.
It appears there will be about $3.6M in PF for the Clean Water Fund program and $2.9M in PF for water projects through Safe Drinking Water Loan Program in addition to loan monies. Now is the time to talk to our funding specialists and engineers about your projects. Contact MSA’s Mary Wagner for more information.
1. Current Interest Rates   
2. Subject to CWF project specifics, may be higher or lower
WI DNR Clean Water Fund
The Wisconsin DNR Clean Water Fund (CWF) helps communities fund their wastewater and stormwater projects. FY2017 estimated Principal Forgiveness (PF) amount is $3.6 million, but it could potentially increase.
Deadline for Application: 
Applications are due by September 30, 2016. Hardship applications are due June 30th, and must include an approved facility plan, contracts for design and the CWFP application completion, and biddable plans/specs.
Changes in Scoring: 
DNR recently made a couple of significant changes in the way they projects:
1. Separated collection system scoring from treatment plant scoring, requiring separate ITAs/PERFs.
2. More weight for scoring is now placed on an applicant’s effluent limits, not necessarily on the condition of their facilities or ability to meet the limits.

WI DNR Safe Drinking Water Loan Program
The Wisconsin DNR Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) program helps communities fund drinking water improvement     projects. The estimated PF amount is $2.9 million for fiscal year 2017. 
Deadline for Application:
Applications are due on June 30, 2016, and must include an approved engineering report, contracts for design and the SDWLP application, and biddable plans/specs. 
Changes in Scoring:
DNR recently made minor changes to SDW scoring. If your score changed and you don’t know why, it could be due to these modifications. Check with the submitting engineer.

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